The Long Weekend

Shmicken sal! Scarbloosh! Aaah … the gibberish of yesteryear. I don’t remember where they came from but those two … uhhh … phrases(?) were used commonly in high school and university, respectively. My buddy, Cal, used to use “luftwaffe” regularly, as well. I didn’t quite get into that one. What does this have to with anything? Nothing. I’m just saying.

The long weekend was spent in darkness and quiet as I nursed a migraine Saturday and Sunday.

In other news, Big Gwilly and I went to see Superman Returns on the weekend. Really good. Although, I wasn’t impressed by Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane. Every time she was on-screen I was expecting someone else, or thinking, “That’s not Lois Lane.” Otherwise, I thought it was a good movie.

I was expecting a re-telling of the Superman story, but since this one starts where the Christopher Reeve story ends, there wasn’t any special character development or any introduction, we jumped right into the story.

Kevin Spacey did a good job as Lex Luthor (I was a little skeptical going in), and Frank Langella did a good job as Perry White (although Big Gwilly was strongly reminded of Skeletor). Brandon Routh looked just like Christopher Reeve when he was Clark Kent; it made the story that much more continuous.

8 saltines out of 10 … I was distracted by Kate Bosworth not believable as Lois Lane.