Home at last!

Oh. My. God! I’m finally home! My flight was cancelled (thankfully I knew about it before even leaving for the airport). I got the next flight, but it didn’t leave until 1:45am. The plane landed in T-dot just before 7am and I had my luggage before 7:30am. I caught the bus, then the subway and got home just after 8am. (I often commute with Shuttergirl and she happened to be getting off the bus just as I was getting on at the station. Funny.) The flight was fairly uneventful, but I had a helluva time trying to sleep.

The original flight was cancelled because there wasn’t a crew for the plane. The flight is supposed to go from T.O. to S’toon and back, but due to problems in T.O. and some silly Transport Canada rules, the crew that came in had already flown too long and couldn’t fly back. So my flight had no crew, yay!

Kind of a shitty end to a wicked good vacation.