School times

Fun. Fun. Fun. I just got back from a tour of the ol’ school. It still looked like the school, but the trademark ugly 70s-style orange and black carpet was gone, and the lockers and walls were all painted a light cream colour. There had been a dentist’s office (yup, right in the school) that’s now an art room. And the carpet was off the upstairs auditorium floor. We used to shuffle our feet around the room to build up static electricity, then shock ourselves on these two metal poles that hold up the roof. Or we’d shock each other; sometimes we’d see how close to touching the poles we could get before the spark would arc. Of course, we also tried shocking our noses and ears and tongues (yeah, kinda gross, but we were kids). The kids of my grade 8 peers, some of whom go to the school now, were loving having free reign to run around a school like crazy people. Good times!