Hawaiian times

Woo hoo! Kaumauna’wana lei’a! I just got home from a “third wheel” party and, man, you missed a wicked good party. There’s was a Mai Tai fountain, lei’s, hula hoops and everything! The third wheel portion was that only couples were invited, but they were to bring an unattached [single] person. So that’s why I got to go. VeeDub and Red were the invitees, but Red was working. So VeeDub and I went and had several drinks, some pizza, some pineapple and a whole lotta fun. Our hostess is a triathlete and is super ripped, but in a weird, emaciated way. I’m not sure what to think. The funniest part of the night was a video shot that should have gone on Youtube: VeeDub’s friend Little T tried to hula hoop while shotgunning a beer … debacle!