Old times

Wow! What a surprisingly good time. I spent the evening at my grade 8 reunion. We had a nice enough dinner at the 2nd Ave Grill. There were some freshness issues with the salad and the vegetables were intentionally cold which was a little off-putting, but still tasty. It was, however, the company that made the evening, not the menu.

These were mostly people I haven’t seen in 18 years. Others maybe only 14 years, and still others only about 10 or 11. But all the stories came back and a whole lot of stuff that a lot of us had forgotten. It was definitely fun and interesting and full of good memories.

I was really skeptical of the whole business, but I was proven completely wrong. I haven’t seen these people in several years, none of us has tried to contact any of the others, so what was the point? You know, I’m still not sure I know the point, but it was a good time and that’s all that matters.