I have the best friends

I really appreciate all the excellent feedback about my job dilemma. I’m a little surprised that the majority of you have such loose morals regarding taking a job and then fucking off within a couple of weeks. In fact, the guy who told me to apply for job #2 told me the same thing, and he’s a senior manager! One common thread was to contact job #1 and push them a bit, by telling them about the other offer. Already done and obviously unsuccessful, but good advice! Wublub had a good point about how since I don’t much care for the current company, why would changing jobs change my feeling toward them? Yeah, I don’t think it would. And those of you familiar with the current company were the first to tell me to dump at the first opportunity!

So, here’s what I’ve decided:

  1. I’ll let them know that I won’t be applying for job #3.
  2. I’ll tell them I’m interested in job #2, if they’ll give me a couple more days to make a final decision.
  3. If I can’t get more time, I’ll accept and wait to hear from job #1.
  4. If job #1 makes me an offer, I’ll take it and decline job #2.

Any objections?