Job-related dilemma

I’m in a bit of a job-related dilemma and I’m seeking advice. There are 3 jobs at stake:

  1. Technical Writer for a software/web development company.
    – good benefits, closer to home, more interesting work
    – I’d be the only technical writer, they have never had one before, so I get to make the rules
    – good interview, I think I’m in good shape for it, but not guaranteed
    – not making their decision until mid-next week
  2. Commercial Specialist for my former “team”
    – working with project team for a new Commercial Credit system
    – developing support materials
    – resolving escalated questions and issues
    – maintain “seniority” with the company and develop project management and technical writing skills
    – I’m the successful candidate and need to accept or decline the position this week
  3. Intake Specialist for my current “team”
    – this is what I do right now, but it’s a temporary position
    – I don’t really like it, but I know what I’m doing and I’m not too bad at it
    – this position is not yet posted and won’t be posted for probably 2 or 3 weeks
    – if I want to apply for this position, I need to decline job #2
    – this will be an open posting with no “preferred candidate” so there’s no guarantee that I would actually get the job.

My first thought is to decline job #2 and #3 and wait for job #1. My second thought is to take job #2. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to consider job #3, even though I’m doing it, I’m pretty frustrated with it and not interested in committing myself to a 1-year stint.

I want to take courses in technical writing; my current company will pay for the courses, or since job #1 pays a little more, I can afford to pay for the courses myself.

I want to move back to Saskatoon eventually, although I’m not sure I can enumerate my reasons other than affordable housing. If I choose to accept a job in Toronto, I would make a 1-year commitment with my current company or an 18-month commitment for job #1 and make a point of getting my expenses under control and saving for a larger down payment (and moving expenses). If I don’t take a job in T.O., then I would move back to Saskatoon within the next few months.

I’m interested in any feedback you want to provide ….