In my opinion

Since I’m obviously not too busy at work, I’ve been reading the online news. I found another article ( that interested me, but I have to disagree with this one. In the lawsuit, the defendant had posted an allegedly defamatory e-mail to a newsgroup. The ruling was that she was not liable for the content of the e-mail, since it was written by a third party. I would have to argue that unless she knew the content was valid (and thus not actually libelous), she should be liable for any ensuing damage. She chose to publish unreliable, unverified information. If I post on here that you’re stupid, then I’m responsible for my own comments. If I post on here that Gwildor thinks you’re stupid, I should be equally responsible. If I allow Gwildor to post that he thinks you’re stupid, then I should have no responsibility. Hmmm, perhaps I should add a disclaimer to the Comments.