An Inconvenient Truth

So I borrowed An Inconvenient Truth from Shuttergirl and RLP on the condition that I return it to Blockbuster. Fair enough.

What a great movie. Although I think it’s still possible for people who don’t believe in climate change and/or global warming to continue not believing, Al Gore presents some highly credible and convincing information and imagery. I liked the way he presented it alongside events in his life, it really helped to understand why he’s telling the story. The only thing that irked me slightly was that his personal footage always showed him driving around or being driven. And from the looks of them, they weren’t small, gas-electric hybrids either. Here’s a clip. Just kidding. Check out the website: (9 out of 10 saltines)

In other news, just for Gwildor, I’ve implemented some other spam-catching methods for my blog responses, so you don’t have to enter the validation code anymore. And in response to Shuttergirl, I’m considering having links to external sites open in new windows. I’m torn by the idea, so I’ll have to think long and hard. I’ll get back to you.