Jumping on my own Bandwagon

Okay, so if Gwildor gets to get excited about his job interview, then I’ll mention mine, too. I had a phone interview last night as a technical writer for a software development company. The interview went well and so I have to show up in person Monday afternoon. My only issue is that they want to see a sample of my technical writing documents, of which I have precious few. Mostly because it’s all proprietary and if I stripped it down to remove the proprietary stuff, there’d be nothing left. Also, they want documents for technical people and mine are for end-users.

The one thing I hate about job interviews is having to toot my own horn. Anything I do or did or whatever, I did it because it was my job or it helped someone out. And I don’t necessarily remember it particularly positively or negatively. But they always want to hear about something that was a spectacular success or something that was a spectacular failure or a time when I had to fix a spectacular mistake or something I’m spectacularly proud of. I rarely remember, and even if I do remember something it never seems quite as spectacular as I would like it to be.

Well, I’m still excited, so we’ll see what happens!