The Descent into Chippy’s

Horror movie at the Bloor Cinema last night. Good Times! JAC (Gwildor‘s sis-in-law) invited a bunch of folks out to see The Descent last night … only me and Wrongfully Accused (long story, let Gwilly tell it) accepted. A quick synopsis, as JAC explained to some dude riding by on his bike, “Young, nubile women chased through caves by cannibals.” (This led to a discussion of whether young and nubile was redundant.) The whole caving part had to be thoroughly documented to place the story properly, so the first half of the movie seemed more like a rock-climbing movie than horror (except for some wicked nightmare flashbacks). Once we saw the one girl break her leg in gruesome fashion, then we really jumped into the story. I found it more compelling than scary with some solid action, surprise, suspense, gore, blood, violence and nubile women. There even seemed to be an Apocalypse Now theme that popped up in a couple of places, most noticeably with a wide-eyed hero coming up slowly and quietly from the water intent on killng. 6.5 saltines.

We met up at Chippy’s at Bloor & Bathurst, I just needed a snack, but JAC and WA had dinner. As you can see in the link, the menu’s pretty limited, but everything is made fresh (I actually saw the dude cutting, battering and cooking the fish) and is quite tasty. JAC found the pepper mayo a little too spicy, but I thought it was fine. Good job!