Kids at School

University of Saskatchewan - Orientation 2012I was planning to post this yesterday as “First Day of School” and I’m glad now that I didn’t get it finished.

The post was generally going to mention how much busier it is on campus now that students are back to class. The main complaint is that in the first few days of classes, students tend to just meander all over the place. And for someone with somewhere to go, either on foot or by bicycle, a lot of slowing, stopping and course correcting is necessary.

Today, after lunch at Louis’ pub, I found an altogether different complaint about students on campus. I admit that when I was a student I probably did the same thing, but now that I’m an adult, I’m not interested in hearing about how loaded anyone got, how much they puked, how they missed class for drunkenness, how they didn’t study for the exam and still aced it, how they make sure to get their assignments done right away. Sometimes it’s good discussions about study skills and habits, often it’s about drinking and partying, but all of it drives me crazy.