Kung Fu Hustle

Hoowah! Tuesday. Blech. Anyway, I rode my bike to work, in spite of the chance of rain. I bought a new lid yesterday, so my brains don’t get smashed in when some Lincoln Navigator sideswipes me on the road. (Yup, almost happened this morning.)

I went to see Kung Fu Hustle over the weekend. Excellent! Cartoonish, in a way, but lots of fun. Lots of kung fu, with some good comic relief. I wasn’t expecting the subtitles, but as with any subtitled movie, you get used to it and it fades into the background after a while. Let’s say 8 out of 10 saltines.

And has a new customer I’m excited about. H! is for Hulk got in touch with me to let me know that his brother, DJ Leo, has an album coming out and they now need a site on which to advertise. Woo hoo!