Lazy Sunday

So I stole the title from the HI-larious SNL digital short, which still makes me laugh out loud, but it’s sort of the reason why it’s already Tuesday and I haven’t mentioned my non-stop, action-packed, rollercoaster, thrill ride weekend. Actually, it was only Friday night, I went to see Mission Impossible 3. It was pretty good. As I said, non-stop, action-packed, etc. But J.J. Abrams seemed to almost parody the original MI with some cheesy rehashing of some similar action sequences. Definitely a must-see, the new characters and decent acting make for a solid film.

Other than that, wicked quiet weekend that included watching some DVDs while tidying my house and cleaning my bathroom (grr-oss!). I also duded up the site with some fancy new RSS formats. Why? Why the hell not! Actually I was cleaning up the script that builds them, so I can implement them on wublub’s site.

By the way, if anyone has any comments re: my resumé, I’d love to hear ’em!