Oh man! Is it Friday, yet? (oh, and Happy Birthday to me!)

I am so tired! Tired of work, tired of not sleeping long enough … oh man! Oh well, whatever, I bring it on myself, really.

You all got the weekend story, now is the equally eventful weekday story. Monday I went to a spoken word show at The Trane Studio. ProACTIVE Words was hosted by Simonee Chichester and all the proceeds went to her Outta the Box grant project. (Her website appears to be one big Flash presentation, so you’ll need to surf around a bit to see all the information.) The artists who performed were Melanie Janisse (poetry reading), Simonee Chichester (storytelling), Hajile Kalaike (lyrical prose), Elisha Lim (political discussion), Amanda Hiebert (slam poetry) and LEO37 with Al Buddy Black (acapella rap/hip-hop). It was a very interesting and thought-provoking show, although Amanda Hiebert’s enthusiasm scared the pants off me! I got home late and still had to go to work!

Tuesday was my birthday …. Happy Birthday to me! I wanted a pretty toned-down affair and sort of got it. Because I was out Monday and planned to be out again Wednesday, and I knew that my family would be calling me, I thought I might stay home and relax. Well, I mentioned to h! is for Hulk Monday night that it was my birthday and he decided we had to do something. So I played around with the new laptop and then headed over to h’s brother’s place for cake, Rockstar: INXS and Goldeneye. Funny story about the cake: the woman at the Portuguese bakery wouldn’t write ‘cracker’ on it, so they just got a blank (yet fancily decorated) cake. I didn’t end up talking to the fam… I usually have the cell phone forwarded into the house, but had it unforwarded during the day, I forgot to forward it back into the house and left it in my bag on vibrate, so I never heard it! Bad Cracker!! And, again, another late night!

I’m tired again just writing this! Last night, out again! This time to the Rex for The Worst Pop Band Ever. What a good time! They played some original stuff and some jazz-flavoured pop tunes: Army of Me, Everybody Wants to Rule the World, Secret Journey, The Wreck of the Edmund Fizgerald. I only managed to stay for the first 2 sets, because it was late and I had to work! But it was good stuff … h! even had the ol’ laptop out doing some recording of the show.

And thanks to Joey Jack (WARNING – SPOILERS!!), I know what War of the Worlds is all about! Thanks, buddy!