Big Cracker goes Mobile!!

Boy! What a weekend! Here we are Monday morning (at work, of course, so that somebody will pay me to blog!), and it’s really the first chance I’ve had to just sit down, relax and consider what has been going on. Although, we’re busy at work (well, I am … I don’t know about Gwildor … ha ha!) so while I started writing this before 9am, it’ll likely be noon before it’s finished…. Actually, it turns out I didn’t finished until 7:15pm.

Saturday, I went to see War of the Worlds…not exactly what I was expecting. There was plenty of action, but the story and the moral of the story got lost somewhere along the line. Morgan Freeman has a short monologue at the beginning and another at the end that (I think) are supposed to explain some of the elements that somehow a spectacular filmmaker like Steven Spielberg was unable to explain in the movie. And I’m still not sure I understood what happened.

After the movie, I went out and bought myself a new laptop computer! That’s how Big Cracker goes mobile. I’m going to be retiring my Linux web server and migrating all my web development projects to the laptop. Hopefully, this means that projects will get done more quickly … or not.

Sunday afternoon I went to see The 40 Year Old Virgin. What an excellent movie! The only bad thing about it is how much it parallels my own life! A dork living alone with too many toys and no girlfriend and no prospects for a long-term relationship. But, man, was it funny!! More frat-boy funny than generally funny, and while it might not be too bad for a date, I don’t think the girls will get all the penis humour. I highly recommend it!

And tonight is a spoken word … uhh … presentation? I guess that what you’d call it. It’s called PROactive Words and features my old pal, LEO37. I’ll let you know later this week how it was.