Hip-hip Hooray for RSS!

So, Wublub mentioned (I don’t know, like a jillion years ago) that I have to put together an RSS feed for my blogs … Well, it’s done!! You may have noticed a few changes over the past couple of weeks — titles, permalinks — well, those were for the RSS feed!! I also recently got hooked up with gmail (Google Mail) and they have a personlized home page where I can include a whole ton of RSS feeds. I know a few other people with the gmail, so now they can see my new blogs (like this one!) without having to go come to my site. I think that’s very handy.

And a quick congratulations to Wublub on his new job! Any one who gets a new job deserves a pat on the back. It’s not easy leaving a place when you have a decent paying job, and it’s tough making that commitment to start something somewhere else when you really don’t know that it’s going to better than where you left … hmm … can I ramble a little more? Anyway, good on ‘im! If anyone else out there is contemplating a new job, good for you!