The Surreal Life

So I had a very surreal experience last night … several pints with my boss’s boss. There were other people there — it was a celebration for one woman in the office — but the surreal experience was due to the boss. She started with a Kilkenny and moved over to the Moosehead on tap, since the Kilkenny was from a can (with a widget, so fully acceptable), I started with and stayed on the Rickards’ Red. Now, you may have read some derogatory comments (or these) from Gwildor, and I generally have to agree with them, ’cause she really pisses me off sometimes, too. But we had a somewhat interesting conversation (I think the beer had my tongue wagging a little too much!) and she actually managed to inspire me! My philosophy is that if information is on a computer, you can put it on the internet. And we have a huge amount of information at work that the boss wants to make available on our intranet site, but she’s been told that it’s impossible. Again, I say if it’s on a computer, it can be put on the internet. So she basically challenged me to figure out a way to get this information onto the intranet. I was so inspired that I had to email Gwildor as soon as I got home. He had said more than a month ago that there should be a way to do it, but I was rather disillusioned with my work and wasn’t willing to get on board. Well now I am! … Good luck to us!

In other news, I found out my Chinese name (Mandarin, I believe) is Ma Kuo rui … something about expand, enlarge and sharp, maybe h! is for Hulk can tell me what it means. Check it out for yourselves!

Oh, and I need to post a note about how great a guy Gwildor is. We’d had a good time doing some CoD‘ing and, well, I’ll let him tell you.