The sweetest thing

So I just have to beat Gwildor to the punch on blogging his amazing feat … At work we’re on a secure floor, so there’s a little panel that we swipe our magnetic cards past to unlock the door from the elevator lobby. (Wublub, FYI, they installed the same security lock on E10 as they always had on E6.) This panel is about 4 feet off the ground or so, where it’s convenient to your hand when you’re holding your pass. The sensor is pretty good, it responds to the magnetic pass even if it’s in a thick leather wallet. Every now and again, like an idiot, Gwildor always tries to jump and get the sensor to respond to the pass in his wallet in his back pocket without removing the wallet from his back pocket … did that make sense … ? Anyway, today he made it!! It was incredible!! In fact, it was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen!