What’s the big deal?

I like women, I really do. I may be single (a fact that is now 11 years old), but that’s not really the point. I have some issue with women going overboard in their reactions to daily trivia and minutiae.

Specifically, one of the ladies at work, Mama Tauti, is pregnant and has gone on maternity leave. So Gwildor drew a little picture on our Away board of Mama Tauti with a fat belly and swollen feet. Mama Tauti was due Aug 8 (I’m pretty sure) and as of my knowledge today has still not popped. She was to be induced yesterday, so Gwildor changed the drawing to a thinner Mama Tauti holding a baby and without the swollen feet.

Oh … my … God!! I could not believe the reaction! Pretty much everyone flipped out!

In a shrill, overpowering voice: “Oh my god! Did she have the baby? Someone changed the picture!! What’s going on?”

Response in a nonchalant, indifferent voice: “She was supposed to be induced today, so we can assume that she’ll have the baby and we’ll hear about it soon.”

In the same shrill, overpowering voice: “Oh my god! We don’t know anything about it!! You can’t change the picture!!”

Gwildor: *giggling his face off*

The boss: “It’s Not Funny!!”

Needless to say (well, not needless, since I’m saying it), there’s now a “Not yet” note under the picture, since we wouldn’t want anyone to think that Mama Tauti’s had the baby. (Read that last with a distinct tone of sarcasm.)

I ask you … Why is this such a monster issue?