Many updates

Hi there, boys and girls! Wublub’s recent post (2012-08-12: Wublub’s website has since been removed) spurred me to post something. Not because I feel that “Facebook killed my website”, but because I realized that it’s been far too long since I posted anything.

I realized that I failed to mention my 2-week vacation to Saskatoon. It was very relaxing and enjoyable. Although I spent perhaps too much time drinking beer at the Yard and Flagon—those hot wings ripped my lips off! I managed to see some old friends and make some new ones. Good times!

I also realized that I have barely mentioned my new job as a web publisher. It’s a really good job and exactly what I need right now. I’m a little frustrated by the silly policies that are enforced, since it makes me less productive. For example, since I ride the TTC to work, I have to allow for delays, which means that sometimes I’m noticeably early for work. But I’ve been informed that I have to stay until 5:00 pm in order to provide the appropriate coverage. But since no one’s going to agree to pay me overtime when I show up before 9:00 am, I won’t bother. I’ll sit on the couches in the concourse and read.

I’ve also been highly pre-occupied with Harry Potter. Since I finished the one book I was reading when I was in Saskatoon, I picked up Harry Potter 1 (from Daddy-O’s bookshelf). I finished it. They didn’t have HP2, so I read HP3. I finished it the day I came home. I don’t have HP4, so I moved onto HP5, which was timely, since the new movie’s just come out. I’ve now moved onto HP6 and should be finished in time for HP7, when it gets delivered to my home Saturday. It’s been a real thrill-ride adventure!

Other than that? Well, I’ve had to put my Dungeons & Dragons schedule on hold, since I have an online class I’m taking on Tuesdays. And I’ve got a ridiculously large number of movies I need see: Pirates 3, Die Hard 4, Transformers 1, Ocean’s 3, Harry Potter 5 and 1408.