Three movies in four days

I’ll have reviews out for all three movies in a little bit (probably tomorrow afternoon), but that’s been my week this week. Thursday and Friday evenings and Sunday afternoon were all about the movies. Harry Potter 5, then 1408, then Live Free or Die Hard. In between, I finished reading Harry Potter 6, watched the last two episodes of ReGenesis season 3 and waited with bated breath for Harry Potter 7 to be delivered to my door—I’ve now finished it.

I’ve spent every waking moment (some of which I should have spent sleeping) reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and loving every minute of it! I can’t say much without giving a lot away, but I will say that it ended exactly the way I had hoped. For anyone who knows my theory, they may be disappointed. Again, without giving it all away, I had theories and I had hopes and the book, the story, the saga finished exactly the way it needed to. Huzzah to JK Rowling!