More on Minimalism and Simplicity

Further to yesterday’s post, over the last year or so, I’ve been keeping an eye on the domain I was thinking that I wanted to start a minimalism, simplicity, and productivity blog, and Polonius provided sage advice. Unfortunately, the domain is still not available.

But on further reflection, all I would’ve done is reposted or quoted from existing sites, like Lifehacker, WorkAwesome, Zen Habits, and others. So I decided that I would just try to keep you all updated on my minimalism, simplicity, and productivity efforts.

I’ve already begun a few things:

  • Using to improve my typing speed and ability.
  • Using the TimeLeft timer to keep me focused on tasks.
  • Using Remember the Milk to keep track of personal tasks, and Outlook for work tasks.
    (In fact, I’m looking to update our Sharepoint project list to synchronize tasks in Outlook.)
  • Updating this site’s design to something slightly more minimal.
  • Automating more computer-related tasks (e.g., backups, updates).

What else should I be working on?