My meagre existence

Monday, again, boy I never notice how time flies until I realize that I haven’t posted anything in a week. I really try to keep you guys up-to-date on what’s going on in my meagre existence, but it doesn’t always seem to work.

I’m spending my time trying to tidy up this site a little. Now that I’m hosting the site through my collaborative web hosting group, I had to back everything up so I could move it to the new server. The problem is that I have to rebuild a number of databases and I’m thinking that some of them can go. It’s just a matter of deciding what goes and what stays.

I had an interesting email from an old friend of mine. He was my high school English teacher, then we played in the same Pipe Band together. For whatever reason, he copied me on a discussion about a parade that the band usually participates in, but is thinking of not participating this year due to a lack of interest. The original question was whether they should cancel, and the response was an extended discussion of the problems with the parade and how it should be revamped. As I expected, the main voice of reason was the friend of mine, who summed up succinctly why they should not participate.

As I said to him, it always surprises me how quickly a discussion can go off-topic, as well as how poorly seemingly well-spoken people tend to communicate. Most of the responses were almost devoid of punctuation, and used such poor grammar or verbiage that their thoughts were almost lost.

I tidied up the ‘tooltip’ that pops up on the Now Playing tracks, so that it looks better in Mozilla. You’ll notice the ‘optimized for’ section on the lower-right: Mozilla, Netscape, IE. I meant it in that order. I installed Mozilla 1.7.2 this weekend and Thunderbird 0.7 for email, and set them as my defaults. (Yes, Wublub, I’m now using Mozilla.) I’m trying to get away from Microsoft, so this is the start. The only problem is that one component of my website only runs in IE … I’ll get around that soon enough.