NaNoWriMo 2012 – Day 3

Here comes our hard-boiled detective.

Detective Sergeant Carter McGill flashed his badge to the officer at the yellow crime scene tape. Of course, they recognized each other. But it was protocol, as was the officer noting McGill’s name and badge number on the sign in form on his clipboard.

The medical examiner’s van was parked just outside the tape and so McGill looked around for Dr. Janet Lindstrom, to have her describe the body. McGill preferred to hear about the body before knowing any more of the crime scene. With an idea about the state of the body, he had an idea about the kind of evidence he was looking for.

Female; early 20s; discovered naked in a pile of driftwood, seaweed and other debris; time of death indeterminate, she had been in the water at least for several hours; cause of death was not apparent (no obvious trauma, lacerations or contusions) so Lindstrom was speculating — only speculating, nothing conclusive — that the woman had drowned.