New year, new job, new apartment

Well, boys and girls, it’s late on a Monday night and it’s been over a week since I last posted. First, I’ll apologize for not posting more frequently (I apologize for that a little too often, I think…). Secondly, have a got a good excuse! Have any of you tried looking for an apartment? No? Nobody? Then you don’t know what I went through last week! (I’m well aware we’ve all been through it … many times.)

Anyway, long story short, after looking at a ton of crap, and the places I wanted not returning my phone calls, I’ve got a new place. At a nice section of town, a little far from some things, but super close to others. Two blocks from the movies, Starbucks, !ndigo, BK, liquor store. Three blocks from Hooter’s, but only 1 from Subway. Right on the subway/bus route, near a mall … perfect. Except I have a roommate, which kinda sucks, because I live alone right now. In fact, I’m sitting in my gonch (Wublub, that’s for you!) in my living room writing this! Excellent!

So, new year, new job, new apartment … let’s see if it works out. Oh, and here’s a new side-project I’m working on that I’m excited about.