Top Ten New Movies

So, the results are in … a landslide victory for ‘Top Ten New Movies’

Topic Votes
Top Ten New Movies 11
Top Ten New Albums 4
Top Ten MuchMusic Videos 3
News Headlines 2
10 Steps to have Fun @ work 1
Tippers Frrrrom Da Chipper!! 1
Top Ten Ways to Key your bosses Car 1
Top 10 ways to pass gas in the elevator and blame someone else 1
Other 1

I’m not quite sure what ‘Tippers Frrrrom Da Chipper!!’ are, nor do I think I would be very popular if I published ways to key your bosses car. Although, I think 10 ways to pass gas and blame someone else would come in useful for a lot of people.

Anyway, as you can see, the movies are already posted. These are weekend results for the past weekend. National Treasure starring the wonderful Nic Cage has topped the list for Dec 3-5, well done. However, guaranteed, Ocean’s Twelve will make the number 1 spot come tomorrow. I’ll have a review for you tomorrow, as well, since I’m headed to see it tonight.

Update: the review is available here.