New Year’s Resolution

New Year's 2012 FireworksOne New Year’s resolution for me. Not a huge list of things that are going to make my life infinitely better, nor make me a phenomenally better person. But kind of a huge list nonetheless.

My New Year’s resolution is to use a To Do list. And a calendar, I suppose. Keep track of the things that I want to do and set up a schedule to get it all done. Not done today or tomorrow, but eventually. And I fully expect that even as things get crossed off the list more things will be added, but all in all things will get done.

I’m going to try to use Evernote more to keep track of things. I’m going to try to use Remember the Milk more to remind me of the things I’ve decided to do. I’m going to try to use Dropbox more to keep my files synchronized and accessible. I’m going to try to use Google Docs more for quick, accessible documents, and my Google Calendar more to make sure I know what’s going on and when.

I think that should cover it, but I may find some other tools to help me along the way.