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Hey, Hey! And a WooHoo! You’ll notice my shiny ‘Now Playing’ or ‘Recently Played’ section on the right … yes, very nice … When I’m at home and WinAmp is playing, it shows ‘Now Playing’ and displays the last track that was played. You can click on ‘More’ and find the last 10 tracks played. The best part is that when I’m not home, or not playing anything, it shows ‘Recently Played’. Is that cool or what?

Alright, I need to mention this, and don’t want to insult anyone, but whoever heard of a nitro-powered remote control car? My buddy, J, was telling me about his new toy, the T-Maxx, which is a crazy-fast, nitro-powered r/c car. I can just imagine what his wife is thinking. I know guys who get in trouble for buying Maxim magazines!

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