Legal to share music

Alright, well, I guess I haven’t posted too much lately … I had in my fat head that I would write a nice Editorial about the fact that it is now legal in Canada to share music over the internet. While that may be true, and while I am one of the perpetrators of the controversial activity, I really don’t have enough to say… right now. Every time I think about it, I think: “Oh yeah, mention this … mention that!” But it’s not enough for a solid editorial. Plus, I never seem to have enough time at any given moment to put in the thought or the research that I need.

So instead, I will make some grandiose announcements about my plans for this site … I noticed Wublub’s link to Sticking Issue, which is his band and it made me remember my plan for putting a “Jazz in Toronto” page on my site. I got an email early this morning/late last night from T, who is the drummer in a jazz outfit, and he said he “would be honored to have the band listed on big cracker.” He even went on to say that he would ask his buddies, if I wanted … oh yeah! I really want to put some real content into this site, and I think that would be really cool.