The Ottawa Song

Okay, you have to check this out … The Ottawa Song. It takes some time to load, and I’m not sure if you’ll need RealPlayer, but if you can, listen, it’s HI-larious! I gotta find out where Wublub picked it up … presumably from Mix 99.9. (It starts with a ‘Humble and Fred’ intro.)

Oh, wait, here it is … Humble and Fred in the Morning. Too funny.

And, if you didn’t notice, the Round 1 playoff stats are off to the left. Explain to me why I can’t find the playoff stats on I had to go to and still had to look around a bit.

Had a great time with Nana on Saturday, we went through a tonne of old photos and photo albums. I can’t believe that she can tell me the story that goes along with photos from 1934 and 1944 … incredible. There’s some great pics of my sister in 1984 … HA HA HA!

And, of course, Uncle Peter stuffed me to overflowing with ham, scalloped potatoes, etc, and, of course, pecan pie … and coconut cream this time, too. DE-licious! But, man, I don’t really need all that food. I’m thinking that once this last wisdom tooth is out at the end of the week, it’s time for a bit of a diet and some exercise.