Today’s word, boys and girls, is “pedestrian”. Can you say “pedestrian”?

pe·des·tri·an n. A person traveling on foot; a walker. [From Latin pedester, pedestr-: going on foot] (thank you,

The reason I bring this word to your attention is that I am often a pedestrian myself and it seems that many drivers are unfamiliar with the concept. Twice today my relaxing walking in the megalopolis of Toronto the Good was completely, fucking hijacked by some fucking moron who had no concept of people trying to cross a fucking street and the goddam white lines on the street indicating a fucking crosswalk.

  • DON’T park your fucking taxi in my goddam crosswalk, fuckhead!
  • DON’T think you can turn right, you fucking shithead, I get to cross first, you goddam ignoramus!

Is it me? Really? I doubt it. What the fuck is wrong with people? Fuck!

* I apologize for my language … I’m fucking pissed right off!!