Questionable advertising

This sort of follows from my previous post about violence. And maybe this is a better topic of study for, but I’m going with it.

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) has a public awareness campaign on right now hosted at a website called I see the ads on the subway all the time and I think they’re highly questionable. They certainly give the impression that we (and especially the targeted youth audience) have become inured to images of violence.

I would like to believe that images of violence are still shocking and undesirable, but it seems that “the media” doesn’t think so.

Update (June 15): Sorry, maybe I should have been more descriptive about the advertising. The 3 posters I’ve seen on the subway are:

  1. a guy missing a thumb, wearing a bloody bandage on his hand, trying to play Xbox,
  2. a guy with a steel pole through his ears trying to talk on a cell phone, and
  3. a bloody ear on the ground with an earbud in it.

The point being that by being unsafe at work (e.g, losing a thumb, getting a steel pole through your head, losing an ear) makes it difficult to enjoy yourself. It just seems to me that the images are rather more graphic than necessary.