Knocked Up

Yes, weirdos, the movie, not me and not anyone with whom I’ve been involved.

Knocked Up is a good, fun movie. Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen, while wildly mismatched as a couple have solid chemistry. Cameos by Harold Ramis as Seth’s dad and Joanna Kerns as Katherine’s mom were classic. In fact, during the closing credits, they showed pictures of the cast and crew as children or with their children and they used the same picture of Joanna Kerns with her baby as was used in the opening for Growing Pains.

Overall, lots of profanity and dope smoking. (Come on who doesn’t like that?) Plus, mostly funny moments without too many touchy-feely moments.

Easily 7 out of 10 salitnes. There was a scene in the delivery room that was entirely unnecessary and was repeated 3 times.