Since I generally have little better to do on a Sunday afternoon, I went to the movies. The big-ass Paramount (now the Scotiabank Theatre) is within walking distance of my bagpipin’ space and I wandered down to see what was playing. There wasn’t much, but I’d heard some good things about Shooter, and it was playing fairly shortly, so I went.

As you might expect with an Antoine Fuqua movie, there was plenty of shooting and killing and explosions. Good times! The political intrigue was not as intriguing as it could have been. It doesn’t take much to convince Mark Wahlberg‘s character, Bob Lee Swagger, to take on a fairly suspicious project, but he makes the comment that all they have to do is mention “patriotism” and he’s good to go.

All in all, a little predictable. Super-duper good guy is framed for a crime he didn’t commit, so he becomes a one-man army to redeem himself. Of course, no mention is made of how he pays for all the fancy-pants equipment he ends up with, but I guess a little creative licence is to be expected.

7 out of 10 saltines, fun, worth watching, but you can always wait for the rental in 2 months.