So tired ….

Ach, meine gute! (Oh, my goodness!) I am so tired. Work has got me so down, it’s unbelievable. First of all, (well, actually, this is all, not only first) we have a fancy new process we implemented last week that still nobody understands: excellent! And the only person who seems to have any knowledge or expertise on any level is me: perfect! So, who gets to do all the work? That’s right, me. Although, I’m sure Gwildor will tell you that I’ve given him tons of work, as will anyone else with whom I work. That’s beside the point. That’s part of my crappy new job, assigning people work. But not only do I get to assign it, I then have to go talk with them to explain what it is I expect them to do.Then I get to show them how to do it. So, why didn’t I just do it myself? Because that’s not the process. And the recognition I get: “So, have you finished this other stuff, yet? When’s that other thing going to be finished?” You’ve gotta be shitting me! The other stuff is never going to get done, because this new process never lets up to allow time to do anything else.

I know it’s bad form to be talking badly about work in a weblog, since it might get me fired. My response to that (right now, anyway): bring it on! I stayed late last night, I’m going in early today … I told myself I wouldn’t do that ever again. I work 9 to 5 (What a way to make a living!) and at 5 o’clock, it’s done. The problem is it’s not done. So I stay. And I come in early. And I help people out. And I do work that’s not really mine, but that’s not going to get done any other way.

In other, more happy news, I’m thinking about moving. Yes, again. It’s a 2-bedroom basement a little west of Downtown. It’s $750 per month, and the landlord’s willing to go with a 6-month lease. I’m hoping that by moving I’m a little more motivated to stay in Toronto and find something I enjoy doing. I mean, there must be something I can do in a giant metropolis that I enjoy. Don’t you think?