The afternoon from heck

Although you may think I’m trying to keep my blogs PG, my description of my afternoon from heck is quite apt. It wasn’t quite hell, since there was some entertainment and a little enjoyment even if it was boring as … well, something really boring.

I spent my afternoon at the Annual Achievers’ celebration for work. What a crock of shit! So-and-so won for not having a life and spending all his time at work, or thinking about work. And Whatshername won for being a jerk and telling everyone how do to their job better. There were ten of these people, all representing some level of both examples. And I’m supposed to emulate these people so I can help make the company the best in the ‘verse. Again, what a crock of shit!

I remember The Boss and I having a discussion about why I thought the Achievers program was crap. And I get proven right almost every time I have to listen to why some jackass got nominated as an Achiever. Granted, some people are absolutely deserving: they work hard, put in more effort than was required and provide an exceptional result. However, (oh, yeah, you knew this was coming) some people are jackasses, other people agree that they’re jackasses and yet they win Quarterly Achievers awards. There is one lad in particular, about whom not enough negative things can be said, who goes out of his way to be a pompous ass and let everyone know it, who won for all the reasons people speak negatively about him. What a load of bullshit! But there was a “Name That Tune” contest that was entertaining. And every story told of every Achiever sounded the same, in fact, a lot of the same text was recycled!

Oh well, life goes on … morons will continue to be recognized for valueless contributions while the rest of us will continue working quietly and productively.