South of the Border

Woo hoo! Here I am in sunny Dallas, Texas doing some training on Sharepoint. Leaving the airport Monday afternoon, I found out that the summer motto for Dallas must be from the Buster Poindexter tune Hot, Hot, Hot. It is hot here. Really, really hot. I think the temperature at any time of the day is just slightly less than on the surface of the sun. Man, is it ever hot.

And did I mention, it’s really hot?

Here’s the four things I know about Dallas:

  1. Assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dealey Plaza.
  2. The home of J.R. Ewing and extended family.
  3. “I been bad, I been good,
Dallas, Texas, Hollywood.” – [_Tush_](, [ZZ Top](   4. Korben Dallas – [Bruce Willis](‘ character in _[The Fifth Element](

Maybe I’ll learn more over the next few days.