No, I haven’t discovered the principle of buoyancy; that’s still Archimedes. But I have found a new show called Eureka and it’s super-duper good.

I was flipping through Gwildor‘s Sci-fi magazine on the weekend and ran across an article discussing the show. It seemed like fun, so I downloaded Season 1.

It’s about a secret town called Eureka where basically all the residents are super-geniuses and the main employer is a super-genius, super-secret research lab. A U.S. Marshal stumbles across the town when his car breaks down. He helps solve a weird disappearance and the sheriff (played by ever-popular Maury Chaykin) basically recruits him as the new sheriff. Hilarity and mayhem ensue.

It’s fun and smart and I like it a lot. Check it out, if you get a chance.