Team America: World Police

Wow! I’m speechless. From the creators of South Park, this is a movie that made me laugh the whole way through. Although I could hear Eric Cartman and Mr. Garrison behind half the characters that did not take away from the movie at all. What might have taken away a little bit was the swearing the whole way through. The tagline ‘Putting the “F” back in Freedom’ was not wrong, nor was the R rating. The soundtrack even had songs with significant swearing.

But the language was absolutely necessary to make the satire even more convincing. Trey Parker and Matt Stone spared no one, painting Americans generally as imperialist war-mongers (which they are!), and liberal peaceniks as useless fence-sitters. They even portrayed the Screen Actors Guild (referred to as the Film Actors Guild, or F.A.G.) as a bunch of mindless actors willing to jump on any bandwagon that might be popular.

I can’t get off the topic of the swearing … I recommend this movie with the caveat that there’s a ton of swearing. Regardless of the R rating, I don’t think anyone under 17, nor sensitive wussies, should see this movie specifically because of the swearing. The violence and sex is par for the course in any PG-14 movie. Well, the sex does involve numerous positions that may be new to many people, but we’re talking about sex between puppets

Update (5 days later) … Paul Wells made a comment about the movie which sounded sarcastic, so I sent him an email saying that I found his comment sarcastic … He replied, stating “Yeah, this is my problem going back to high school: I sound sarcastic even when I’m sincere. I was amazed at the intelligence Team America showed. I really wasn’t expecting it. And yes, I mean that.” Thanks for the feedback.

7 out of 10 saltines … even though I love swearing myself, it went over the top!