TGIF (what? Friday already?)

I can’t believe it’s Friday. Although I’ve gotten a ton of stuff done this week, it’s too early to be the weekend. Most people would rejoice at having the week go by quickly, but in my case, I’m thinking about how soon Monday will come, if this week went by so quickly.

I wrote some cool code for h! to manage his art page better. Of course it doesn’t work in IE, probably ’cause IE sucks, but I really don’t know. It’s not spectacular code, it’s just a little javascript, but IE doesn’t know what to do with it. Firefox loves it and I love Firefox, so it really doesn’t matter what IE does.Except that there may be cases where IE is the only browser available (No, please God, no!!), so I will make cross-browser compatible after awhile.

I got out to two music shows this week. I want to say rock-and-roll shows, but they weren’t, really. I like to say rock-and-roll show. The first was Wednesday night at the Red Guitar for the See Through Trio. Good, not great. The compositions were good, but the players, not so much. But I’m no expert. That whole squeaky saxophone with the blurps and blats, I just don’tget it. And I’m not sure the saxophonist was super-competent with his soprano sax. There seemed to be a lot of audible air coming out, like he was blowing through a pipe, that I think should have been music. But, again, I’m no expert. The pianist (Tania Gill) was good, I might try to catch her at the Red Guitar for a solo performance.

And last night was the PPF House Attic show at Sensual Lounge. Fan-foogoo-tastic! ‘Cause h! was on the door, I didn’t pay to get in, but by the end of the night I felt compelled. Nick Zubeck put on an excellent show. He started with just him (acoustic guitar) and a stand-up bass player and played some light easy numbers.Then in came the Wurlitzer and drums for some louder, more raucous numbers. Then, finally, some electric guitar to put the finishing touches on the effort. Again, excellent! Unfortunately, in my opinion, this excellent show was fully eclipsed by Andrew Penner (or the SunParlour Players?). Some wicked bluesy, honky-tonk sort of music, it was amazing. The bass player was also hoofing the bass drum and high-hat; he even played xylophone at the same time during one number … wicked! Then the banjo came out and I was in heaven! What a great group! Had I had more cash on me, I would’ve bought the EP they were hawking. 7 saltines for Nick Zubeck, 9 for Andrew Penner.

And I want to find out who the girl is who was sharing h!’s chair all night. She’s smokin’ sexy! Way to go, h!!