Movie Weekend

So, it was another 2 movie weekend. And other than that, just generally screwing around.

First movie was The Aristocrats. The tagline is “No Nudity No Violence Unspeakable Obscenity”, and boy, does that ever hit the nail on the head. The joke is too obscene to even go into any vague detail. And as such, I will not be linking to any further information about the joke. I tried to describe the gist of the joke to Gwildor and probably got most of it, but to hear the likes of Bob Saget, Paul Reiser, Drew Carey or Carrie Fisher (yes, Princess Leia!) tell the joke is both shocking and appalling. Although I’m sad to admit that nothing they said was new to me, it was disturbing nonetheless. It all went incredibly beyond any reasonable boundaries of social acceptability, and then it just kept on going. And, really, once it’s past that boundary, it might as well keep going. 7 out of 10 saltines.

Second was Domino. (“My name is Domino Harvey.”) While that Keira Knightley is crazy sexy, which was half the reason I wanted to see it (shame on me), the movie was supposed to be based on the true story of Domino Harvey, daughter of Laurence Harvey. Unfortunately, there is no way the story that was told was anything close to the real story. In fact, I remember reading somewhere that the real Domino Harvey didn’t want the movie made, and when she died right around the time it was originally supposed to be released, they pushed back the release date. The Wikipedia article I linked seems to say that she was deeply involved in the movie, but I’m not sure I completely believe it. Anywho, it was a fun action-adventure movie involving some Beverly Hills 90210 has-beens (1 and 2), shotguns, nunchakus and Christopher Walken. Good times! 6 out of 10 saltines.

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