That beef really had a funny smell to it

So, I definitely feel a little more important after the comments from Gwildor and K. Thanks. And, sorry K, that beef really had a funny smell to it.

Had a huge headache by the time work was done today … I don’t know how these people can get their own shoes tied, let alone do their jobs. It was busy, so I didn’t get a chance to work on a couple of ASP projects I wanted to work on. One of them, I’m still not quite sure why I agreed to do it … I created a small addition to our departmental intranet site to make some information available that was orginally emailed on a weekly basis. I thought it would be easier, rather than sort out a bunch of emails, people could just “go online” and get the info. Well, someone whined about needing the information emailed, so I agreed to build a way for the email to send automatically each week. I’m still working on it, but I’m not sure why. The information is right there for anyone to see, why does it need to be emailed? Whatever.

Anyway, I hoped to get the logon stuff implemented over the weekend … no good. I barely even looked at it, I got all hung up on getting a live news feed from I’m almost set for the CFL stats to be added … I’m just working on the daily feed, rather than a live feed that slows the loading of the page. I did get the grid worked out for the Settlers of Catan online game … I’m just waiting to get the final positioning on the page before I assign coordinates.

I was all excited about loading Call of Duty on the new PC … got everything loaded … Woo Hoo! Except it kept crashing with wierd graphics accelerator errors. I thought the first was a fluke, so I rebooted and retried … how do you write a raspberry? maybe ZRBTT … Anyway, so I google up ‘Call of Duty’ and ‘Radeon 9600’. What do I get … yeah, Call of Duty and Radeon video adapters don’t completely like each other. So I have to load SP4 for Win2K, then the new display driver and TaDa! Works like a charm … and surprisingly, Hitman: Contracts still works!!