Emphatically and rather coldly

Obviously, I’m not important enough to merit comments about my boycotting of the staff barbecue — thanks for your input, K — fine! Anyway, as you can well imagine, I didn’t go. And nobody noticed. Well, I guess a couple of people noticed, and maybe more, but only 1 person actually said something… “Ha! You forgot about the barbecue?” (imagine this in a Wayne’s World-esque tone) … “No,” I responded, concisely, emphatically and rather coldly.

And again, obviously, this site is limited to my inconsistent, intermittent ramblings, which are vague, pointless and rarely read — a testament to my lack of importance, or perhaps simply a lack of interest in what little I have to say. Well, I’m going to try to be more consistent, posting a little more regularly and keeping you apprised of what is on in my life. So, when we speak, you may already know what I’ve been up to and we can discuss.

Boy, this is sounding overly depressive … a discussion of my inferiority complex. I’m pretty excited about my mommy coming at the end of the week. We won’t get too much time together, but anything I can get is cool by me. Living at opposite ends of the country is pretty tough.

Otherwise a pretty relaxed weekend. I picked up Liz Phair‘s latest album. I’d heard a handful of the tracks and I’m a huge fan, so I decided to pay real money for it (unlike most of the albums I’ve acquired over the last few months). I was hoping to pick up another album or a DVD while in the HMV, but it’s just a ton of sh__ out there. Oh well.