The good ol’ days

I get so disappointed when I go back to somewhere expecting things to be spectacular and different, and everything’s the same. I just got back from Banff and I don’t know what I was expecting really, but I didn’t find it. I wandered up to the hotel and strolled around. It’s gorgeous. The renovations that were finished just after I left are really impressive, but the place was empty. The only people around were tourists like me, there were 2 agents on the Front Desk, the Concierge was nowhere to be found, and there were maybe 3 doormen working. I realize it’s Monday, but it’s a holiday and this was Sunshine‘s opening weekend.

Anyway, I also went for a stroll downtown and found everything pretty much the same as always. There were a few differences, but for the ones I noticed, I couldn’t remember what they had been originally. It was all very disappointing.