The last day

Alrighty, I’m gettin’ ready to go to the airport. The Yateser’s and A&M were tremendous hosts. It’s good to have friends who’ll let me have the run of their house, even I only see them every 2 or 3 years and exchange e-mails every 6 or 8 months.

Other than seeing the Yateser’s and A&M, I was highly looking forward to a visit with wedding girl. We met up at the Rose and Crown for drinks and had some great conversation. I was nervously anticipating a series of awkward silences, but apart from me stuffing my face with quesadilla, I think we talked the whole time. It was a nice hour. She’s an exceptionally busy person: she ducked out of a meeting early to meet me, then had to scoot off to another meeting after our visit, so I was lucky to get the time I did. She also mentioned that she might not be moving to T-dot quite as soon as she anticipated, and I might be moving West sooner than I anticipate, so I’ve got my fingers crossed. But I’m always willing to hear what Red has in store for me back in ToonTown, too.