Casino Royale

Oh yeah, baby!! Friday night, opening night, I went to see the wicked, new, James Bond flick, Casino Royale!! If I could whistle really loud, like with my fingers in my mouth, I would have. What a wicked movie! It’s such a different take on the James Bond character and Daniel Craig does an excellent job of it. Although set in the present, it’s a prequel to the beginning of the James Bond character in Dr. No (1962). We get a clear understanding of Bond’s personality, his playboy style and why he’ll never hook up with Moneypenny. And, as always, Dame Judi Dench does a super job of M. 9 out of 10 saltines.

Gwildor and I were supposed to go see the movie with (his sister-in-law) JAC and her friend, L, but due to a misunderstanding regarding a midnight showing of Borat, they did not secure tickets. Unfortunate, but shit happens.