The Problem is not Me

It's not me, it's you. Image by ilkerIt turns out that the problem is not entirely me. I was out with a very random group Saturday afternoon and we all generally shared the same opinions. A database programmer in his mid-thirties, a former firefighter and EMT and current construction contractor in his late thirties, a city-dwelling farm couple in their mid-eighties, and me discussing the idiots around us.

To be honest, I don’t entirely recall the discussion. I had intended to write this post immediately upon coming home, but only got the first paragraph done. I then chose to move onto eating dinner and snacking while watching Moneyball.

But regardless of the content of the discussion, it revealed to me that I’m not alone in my complaining. It’s also probable that I surround myself with people who share my world view, thus reinforcing my view, and adding further frustration with those people and situations that frustrate me. Unfortunately, I don’t intend to change.