Unpacking and setting up

Whew! Another week gone by already. And what a week it was! New apartment, new job … a lot of unpacking and setting up, a lot of getting used to new things … like the 1 hour lunch. 1 hour! That’s a lot of sitting around chatting! But good times. We even had plenty of time to walk around to the Subway for lunch on Friday. And last night, a quick and easy jaunt over to the subway for a quick trip up to Gwildor‘s for a movie and snacks … mmmm .. quesadillas. (Thanks Trikie!)

Yup, being in my new location is quite nice. I just have to get used to the fact that I’m really close to a lot of places where I can spend my money. And, as I said, I’ve done a lot of unpacking, so it’s getting to feel more like home. I just need to find more space for all my stuff. I put more than half my stuff in storage and there’s still too much for this apartment!

And you may have noticed the weird image beside the name of my site in your address bar. Yes, it’s a cracker. I probably wouldn’t have done anything with it, but I just switched my browser to Mozilla Firefox and my Bookmarks menu was showing these icons for specific sites. Then I noticed that the same icons appeared in the address bar. So I made one for myself … I used an online script that generated the icon for me.