Canada for Asia

Another week? You’re kidding? How did that happen? Not a whole lot to say about this week, while I got some things done, it wasn’t much. I watched the Canada for Asia benefit on CBC Thursday night. It was an excellent show, if only because Blue Rodeo performed. And that was my week. Pretty sad.

But I did find out about an interesting … I don’t know if it’s a contest or a poll or just what it’s supposed to be … on CBC Radio called 50 Tracks with Jian Ghomeshi. How much do you want to bet that Moxy Früvous will not make the list? For those not in the know like me, Jian Ghomeshi was the drummer for Moxy Früvous!

Oh, and you’ll notice from the response to the last blog, that Prairie Vixen found me. That is actually monumental news. We’ve been playing email tag for the last 2 years. Yes, 2 years! We were good friends back in Banff, but we’ve both moved and only barely keep in touch. But now that she’s found me, maybe we’ll keep in touch better … ?